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When something - government, technology, distribution channels, or competition is changing the rules and putting your revenue or profit at risk, I will create a new road-map to fix it and implement the action plan for you. Its not only the idea, but the execution that counts.

I am an expert in markets where regulations, technology or globalization change the rules.

Experienced President and CMO in Fortune 100 companies as well as start-ups. Richard Guha, Founder, has lived and worked in ten countries on four continents, as well as having had global responsibilities. He has created successful new business models where regulations and technology are changing, including airlines, financial services, telecommunications, cable, energy, and healthcare.

Each year, yet another set of rules change. This may be due to regulation, technology, or competition. Sometimes the companies in the markets do not even fully recognize that they have changed, except that they see their businesses decline. The Yellow Pages business declined for years before US West realized that the rules had changed and the business needed to be managed d ifferently. Martindale-Hubbell, a directory of lawyers, published by Lexis-Nexis, has been declining for years, but the company has not yet worked out a solutions. The cross country bus business had been in decline for decades, Greyhound went into bankruptcy, before someone outside the industry created a new business model which is profitable and growing.

While incumbents are often protected by high cost of entry, it can also be a limitation when things change. Insurance companies such as Progressive and Geico could cut their costs by dis-intermediating sales agents, and selling on-line. The incumbents, such as Allstate or State Farm could not do this as they risked alienating their agents and losing all their existing business. Old line stockbrokers had the same problem, which gave Charles Schwab and opportunity and later, Etrade and Fidelity.

Company Philosophy

To provide companies with the most practical and actionable advice on how to build and grow their businesses in a world where the rules keep on changing and the past is a poor predictor of the future.

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