Fortune 50 CEO Perspectives on Key Business Challenges and Opportunities
The Innovation & Change Imperative - Regulation and Technology

Max Brand Equity focuses on helping businesses that face discontinuity due to regulation, technology or competition. In these situations, many years of past experience in one industry can be unhelpful in developing new business models. We bring deep cross-industry experience in creating successful new business models out of discontinuity.
Change - The Imperative
The Shifting Market Landscape Imperative
Managing Reregulation - Healthcare, Financial, etc.
Love Discontinuity - Technology & Regulation

International Marketing

We bring extensive experience living and working in multiple countries on multiple continents, leading companies successfully. Fully skilled in cross-cultural competencies as well as growing businesses.
Fear Factor-Asia
Principles of International Marketing
Angel Investor Russia

Online Social Networking and Sentiment Monitoring

Increasingly, more business is taking place on the Internet. Yet companies are poor at monitoring and measuring the user experience. Max Brand Equity has worked in this area for almost 30 years and has spent the past five years developing best practices to monitor online "talk".
Future of Online Social Networking
Online Social Networking
P&G States that Online Social Media Monitoring Will Replace Survey Research

Brand Value Enhancement

Cross-Channel Branding
How Do Companies Buy Tired Brands and Revitalize Them?
Maximize Brand Value
Maximizing the Value of a Business Means Optimizing Intellectual Property Such as Brands
Value of B2B Brands
Brand Interview Article
What P&G Taught Me About Brands

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