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Max Brand Equity Creates Superior Value Growth for Companies

Max Brand Equity has the skills and experience to best grow businesses. Our key is relevant experience. While many organizations devise strategies, few execute them effectively. "I saw that leaders placed too much emphasis on what some call high level strategy, on intellectualizing and philosophizing, and not enough on implementation. People would agree on a project or initiative, and then nothing would come of it." - Larry Bossidy and Ran Charan. Companies are most successful when they employ optimal thinking to formulate strategy, enable innovation, and monitor experienced optimized execution. Max Brand Equity brings these components to every employee and organizational issue while developing custom optimum solutions.

"Best Place to Work" Lists Serve as a Driver and Measurement Tool

Numerous studies have revealed that companies on "Best Place to Work" lists outperform others in terms of Value Growth:

There are considerable advantages to being included on a list. Undoubtedly, the company culture, conditions, processes, and profits are better than those realized by average companies. Achieving recognition on such a list serves as a target and measurement tool to ensure a company's superior performance.

Max Brand Equity brings the discipline of Optimal Thinking to enable:

  • employees to make practical, optimum decisions.
  • employees to be their best in any situation.
  • the right processes to be properly implemented.
  • appropriate compensation.
  • superior plans and execution.
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The Global Top Executive

  • Global/International Business Issues
  • Global Top Management Orientation and Training - The Bootcamp
  • Market entry to the US
  • Export and Market Entry to Global Markets
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Other Services

Max Brand Equity helps mid-sized to large companies grow, including:

  • Executive Mentoring
  • Growth planning
  • Execution advice (poor execution is the biggest reason for failure)
  • Growth company funding and staffing
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